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Advisory to APA Members re: Task Force and re: CEWS

20 Apr 2020 7:18 PM | Anonymous

APA's Covid-19 Archaeology Implementation Task Force:

   First, we want to assure members that we are constantly working on issues even if this is not immediately visible to you – as in the Duty to Consult and Obligation to Engage, Investigation committee proceedings on behalf of members, planning workshops and First Nation sessions, etc.  But we do appreciate your suggestions.  On this particular issue with Covid-19, we believe that legal advice is a second-best choice when what is needed is pro-active “essential” designation of our field work. This petition is in process as we speak with a special APA Task Force in place and connecting.

   Since there are ample financial measures now from the Federal Government to ensure at least short-term business survival, and APA has directed you to these, as well as to informational seminars, there is no current reason for archaeological work to take place other than for the essential services noted by the province.  We urge you to stay home unless you are part of an essential project.

  Some of you may not know that substantial fines are already being levied by inspectors in the construction industry as well as to environmental and other firms who have been operating without clear definition and even with essential definition but without adequate Health and Safety protocols in place. 

   APA is pursuing a more definitive status for our profession and projecting what protocols need to be in place for a return to work in the period after the peak of the epidemic.  We will advise as soon as we have concrete information to share.

    We definitely appreciate helpful suggestions.  Please touch base via


The following was made available for APA's members through Jessica Foster at the O'Keefe Accounting Group (

As you may be aware, the Federal Government has recently made several important announcements regarding COVID-19 programs.

Members, please check your email inbox which includes an attached summary of changes and further resources for Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS).

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