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~  Conference Travel Awards  ~

The Conference Travel Award for members will assist with expenses to travel to a conference/symposium to present a paper or poster to the APA or other archaeological organizations within Canada or abroad.

Value: $250

Number: 3 awards granted per cycle

Frequency: twice per calendar year (one in the spring and one in the fall)

Eligibility: Any member with membership in good standing; must have their title/abstract ready and details of the conference/symposium known or have had their paper or poster accepted by the conference organizing committee prior to the application deadline.

To apply, send these details by email to by the deadline date.

Granting of the Award: the successful award recipients must submit digital copies of their receipts within 10 days of return from the event*.  Eligible expenses will then be reimbursed by APA to a maximum of $250.  All other sources of assistance add up to less than 50% of anticipated lodging, transportation, registration, presentation and food expenses.

*For this round of awards, you may submit for a conference you presented at during the fall or winter, as long as you have your receipts and did not exceed the maximum amount from other funding sources, or one that is upcoming in the spring, as long as you have confirmation of your acceptance in the paper or poster sessions. 

Eligible Expenses: registration fees, lodging expenses, meal expenses (minus alcohol), travel expenses, and costs involved with the production of the presentation.

Considerations: Members who have received this award within the past 2 years might not be considered for the current round.

Deadline (for fall 2019 and winter/spring 2020 conferences): on-hold due to Covid-19 travel and public gatherings restrictions **note: members can apply retroactively for meetings that were held in the fall or winter ~ contact to inquire about your eligibility


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