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Membership Categories & Fees

Note: Dues are subject to change. Please apply on-line. You can email or mail required documents and you can pay by cheque or online by credit card or PayPal account.


$56.25/1yr or $135/3yrs [email for special $100/2yrs]

A professional member receives all membership benefits, and has the right to vote in all APA matters and run for office. Applicants for this category must derive the majority of their income from the practice of archaeology. To qualify applicants need to:

  • Customarily make their livelihood from the profession of archaeology and/or from closely related disciplines or occupations, including under certain circumstances, field workers, teachers, cultural resource managers, research scientists, administrators, osteologists, zooarchaeologists and archaeobotanists.
  • Have demonstrated a competence in and commitment to archaeology, as determined on the basis of criteria such as a graduate education, publications in relevant journals, or other means.

First Nations Consultation Staff

$56.25/1yr or $135/3yrs [email for special $100/2yrs]

A First Nations consultation staff member receives all membership benefits, and has the right to vote in all APA matters and run for office.  This category is intended for full time First Nations employees working on archaeological materials, archaeological issues and/or liaison co-ordination for their Nation. Included in this category may be cultural archivists, administrators who work largely with archaeological projects or with training and co-ordinating First Nations archaeology liaisons.  To qualify, applicants need to:

  • Provide documentation that demonstrates their full time employment by an Ontario First Nation in a position relating to archaeological issues.

Field Director

$37.50/1yr or $90/3yrs [email for special $70/2yrs]

Created in 2009 this category recognizes the importance of licenced Field Directors to our profession. To qualify, applicants need to:

  • Provide proof of active Research licence, Submit a current CV of experience, Submit contact information for a referee who holds a P licence.

Field Director members (R licence holders) will be voting professional members but may sit on the Executive only after being accepted in the Professional membership category. 

One field director member will be appointed as liaison to the APA Executive.

First Nations Liaison

$37.50/1yr or $90/3yrs [email for special $70/2yrs]

Created in 2019 this category recognizes the importance of Indigenous representation and partnering during archaeological fieldwork. To qualify, applicants need to:

  • Provide documentation that demonstrates that they engage in archaeological fieldwork as a liaison for their Nation.

A First Nation Liaison APA membership is a full voting membership category and such members are entitled to sit on the APA Executive in a liaison capacity for their membership group.


$37.50/1yr or $90/3yrs [email for special $70/2yrs]

An associate member will receive the APA's newsletter but cannot vote or run for office. This category generally include: professionals in allied disciplines such as historical geography, or people who have been professional members but are currently retired or inactive in the field. Other archaeological professionals who are associate members will be urged to renew with professional status after a maximum of five years.



A student member will receive the APA's newsletter and receive member's discount on symposium and workshop attendance. This category includes: full time students in archaeology or other disciplines and graduates with a related degree currently working in the field. Although student members have no voting privileges, membership is an excellent opportunity for aspiring archaeologists to gain valuable experience and knowledge through their interaction with other members.


An institutional membership is not a voting membership, but does allow access to all portions of the members' only tabs. There is a developer tab specifically created to provide information with regards to conducting archaeological assessments. We encourage institutional members to draw on our membership list for consultants, as the APA has an ethics code that our members are obligated to follow. We also provide a members ad page, and a consultant list. We will, at no cost to institutional members, distribute RFP's to our members via email. If you have specific questions, you can contact us - see our Contact page or click here

Membership Discounts

With the recent growth of companies, it became apparent that APA’s members would benefit from corporate discounts. Therefore, the APA Executive passed a motion to grant a 20% discount for 1-year memberships to archaeological firms or other organizations that apply for more than one membership at the Professional, Field Director, First Nations Consultation Staff, First Nations Liaison and/or Associate Membership Levels.

Please let us know of your interest in the discount when you apply for membership: contact our Membership Director and provide a list of your colleague(s) names who are current members.  Let your colleague(s) know to contact us at their renewal time so that they can also benefit from this discount.  Note that the 3-year membership fees automatically deduct the 20% discount.

To contact our Membership Director - see our Contact Page or click here.

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