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Workshop Notice: Michi Saagiig Oral History and Cultural Awareness

19 Jan 2019 2:31 PM | Anonymous

Both the TRC and UNDRIP highlight the need to include the oral histories and traditional knowledge of Indigenous Peoples within narratives that describe and characterize Indigenous pasts.

Ontario archaeologists have yet to integrate this must needed component to interpretations of the archaeological record. Oral histories and Indigenous Knowledge can offer comprehensive contextual layers when elucidating past realities. Current archaeological interpretation in Ontario is fairly limited to its Euro-Canadian paradigm and methodologies, but can be expanded to include a more balanced approach and generate more complete understandings of the past. 

Join us for an educational workshop where Anishinaabeg Elders and Knowledge Holders will share some historical teachings and cultural knowledge with the APA. In the spirit of relationship building and reconciliation, it is hoped that this information sharing session will promote the application of Indigenous knowledge and oral traditions to archaeological interpretations and subsequent narratives in Ontario.

Further details will be announced soon! 

If you want to be alerted directly about the event details and registration, send a quick email to

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