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New APA Executive.

12 Nov 2015 9:25 AM | Anonymous

Dear APA Members,

As a result of the vote held on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at the APA Annual General Meeting, the following directors were elected:

  • Andrew Hinshelwood
  • Carla Parslow
  • Bill Fox
  • Cathy Crinnion
  • Margie Kenedy
  • Dave Norris
  • Laurie Jackson
  • Shane McCartney

As many of you will note, this marks a significant change from the previous board. The new directors have begun to work on your behalf, but the transition may take some time to fully implement. We ask for your patience and cooperation during the transition.

Communication among the directors elected identified a potential list of Executive positions. This list was circulated among all elected directors. None of the positions were contested, and the directors agreed that the positions would be confirmed by a vote held electronically (through email).

The new executive for the APA is:

President – Margie Kenedy
Vice-President – Andrew Hinshelwood
Secretary/Treasurer – Cathy Crinnion
First Nations – Bill Fox
Newsletter/Investigations – Laurie Jackson
Northern Director – Dave Norris
Membership – Carla Parslow
Field Directors – Shane McCartney
Past President – Sue Bazely

The first meeting of the executive was convened October 31, 2015, and was conducted electronically. Minutes of the meeting will be available soon. The meeting was a start-up meeting at which the executive addressed the list of immediate concerns facing the organization, and to discuss pressing house-keeping matters. 

The APA exists to represent member interests collectively, and to offer appropriate support to individual members as the need arises. We are aware of the issues that escalated over the past year and we will strive over the coming year to ensure that members' interests remain our primary focus.  It is our firm intention to ensure that the organization is run in an open and collaborative manner.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Executive with any questions or concerns you may have that relate to the mandate of the APA, or post your thoughts on the members’ board section of the APA website.  Our next meeting will be held on December 8, 2015.

We look forward to working together to our mutual benefit as professional archaeologists, and for the benefit of the archaeological heritage of Ontario. 


Margie Kenedy, President APA

Andrew Hinshelwood, Vice-President APA

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