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Treaty Implementation (an excerpt)

04 Nov 2020 3:44 PM | Anonymous

Treaty Implementation: The Crown’s Ongoing Failure

By Kate Gunn

This fall has been marked with acts of violence and intimidation by non-Indigenous commercial fishers against members of the Mi’kmaq Nation in Nova Scotia seeking to carry out their treaty right to fish.

These actions, and the accompanying inaction on the part of law enforcement officials, are a stark reminder that racism remains a persistent part of Canadian society. 

They also point to another significant barrier to the processes of decolonization and reconciliation – the ongoing failure of the federal and provincial governments in Canada to uphold and implement treaties between Indigenous Peoples and the Crown. 

In this post, we examine current developments in relation to treaty rights and their implications for Indigenous Peoples. 

Why are Treaty rights important? ...


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About the author:

Kate Gunn is a lawyer at First Peoples Law Corporation. Kate completed her Master's of Law at the University of British Columbia. Her most recent academic essay, "Agreeing to Share: Treaty 3, History & the Courts," was published in the UBC Law Review.

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