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~  A.E. Lalonde C14 Lab (uOttawa)  ~

A.E. Lalonde has partnered with APA and is helping support APA's radiocarbon date award program.  With both analytical capabilities and training opportunities at their facility, A.E. Lalonde is an excellent local resource for Ontario's archaeologists.  Visit their website.


Client survey on the impact of COVID-19 on research plans:

The AEL AMS Laboraotry is inviting our clients to take part in a voluntary survey to help us better understand how COVID-19 is impacting their research plans and need for analytical services.


Note about services, dated June 1, 2020:

Resuming Operations -- 

As the province starts to loosen COVID-19 related restrictions, the University of Ottawa has put in place a plan to gradually resume operations in its research laboratories. The AEL AMS Laboratory will be resuming operations in a limited capacity as of June 1, 2020.

Please contact us BEFORE shipping any samples and include tracking numbers in your correspondence. To maintain a safe and healthy environment for our personnel, lab capacity has been limited and processing times may be longer than usual.


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