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~  Radiocarbon Date Awards  ~

Those of you who have been perusing the newly updated Newsletter archives on the website may have seen talk of the lottery and its lucky recipients in the past.  The Executive has been working to revive this assistance to its members, and the added benefit for all will be the sharing of the dating results and the significance of those dates to the sites from which the samples are recovered.

Members now have the opportunity to submit entries for the randomly-selected lottery that will take place once per year, but also there will be a second stream of funding which will also cover the dating of a sample in the Radiocarbon Date Merit Award program.  Details for this second program will soon be posted.  In the meantime, try your luck in the lottery! 


Radiocarbon Date Lottery

To submit your entry for the 2017 Radiocarbon Date Lottery, simply provide the following information in an email to by October 20, 2017 (11:59pmEST):

·         Your information (name, contact, etc.)

·         PIF number for the project where the sample was collected

·         Site type, if applicable

·         The context from which the sample was recovered, and

·         The type of the material to be dated.

If you wish, you can also provide a brief note indicating:

·         How this date will contribute to the archaeological record in Ontario.

·         How this award will contribute to your work as a professional archaeologist.

A random draw will be made, and the lucky winner gets the opportunity to make a lasting contribution over and above the excellent work they are already doing.

As with everything in life, the award comes with strings attached. In this case, the strings are simply this: the winner, upon receipt of the date on the material, must provide a brief note about the site, the sample and results, with a comment on how the date relates to expectations and/or contributes to the archaeological record.


Radiocarbon Date Merit Award

Details soon to be posted.


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